Basic Techniques to Create a User Friendly Website

When was the last time you checked your site and asked how user friendly it is? But you’ll need to know what makes all your processes have this quality. If people find your site engaging and easy to use, then that’s a potent one-two punch. Keep in mind that you’ll have to test and optimize to find out what works best with your niche.

The one and only thing traffic wants to know after arriving on your home page is what’s in it for them. If you have what they’re looking for, then that’s great and your copy needs to make them want to read more. Chances are you’ll be building a content site, and that means you’ll need to have quality information. From the home page, be very sure your navigation structure is clean and easy to follow. You are just like your audience in that you don’t want to be endlessly clicking to locate information.

Placing a link to your contact page is essential and it’s not just for your readers. The contact page tells everybody that you’re for real and a professional and that makes a difference. Depending on what you’re doing, other people will review your site and it will have a negative effect if there is no contact page. I’ve had my cell phone number on a sales page and only one person used it in several years – but it looks good.

It’s so easy these days to get a privacy policy even if it’s a basic one – and you really should do this. You can also find products on the net that give you customized policy statement pages, so check them out because they’re pretty good. Most of the time you’ll see these links in the footer section, and that’s the best place for them. If you want, you can make the links a lighter shade so they don’t stand out so much and distract people.

You can easily make your blog stickier when people don’t have a compelling reason to leave. People will realize on some level that you care more than the next blogger. Once you do things like this, then it becomes a change of habit and more of what you do will scream quality.

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SEO Tips For Your Business Blog

Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Getting quality visitors to your blog is the best way to leverage your blogging efforts. You aren’t writing blog posts only for yourself, you want the public to read them and comment on them. It takes time to generate traffic to a blog, and search engine optimization is something you have to do to achieve this. The trick is to rank in the search engines for your keywords so people find your blog and visit it. As you write your blog posts, keep the following SEO tactics in mind.

Many Factors Factor Into Rankings

When assigning a rank to a page, search engines utilize certain components that are valuable and have a higher level of importance. One of these elements happens to be anchor text of your links. If the anchor text included in your posts has your keywords, this gives the search engines a green signal. This is simply a matter of internal linking where you connect your posts and pages within your own blog. When you include keywords in the anchor text featured in your posts you are basically increasing the value and importance of your posts to the search engines. You need to get relevant targeted backlinks for your blog. You can do this by leaving comments with a link to your posts on other blogs so that search engines rank your posts for the right keywords. This isn’t an overnight process but if you do it the right way, it will get slowly increase your rank and get your post the exposure it deserves. Just make sure you’re not spamming your blog post’s link anywhere. Intelligently comment on other related blogs so that you can drive in traffic directly from them as well.

Use Varying Mediums of Content

Finally, you can make your blog posts more valuable by using audio or other forms of media in them. If you’ve done any podcasts on a topic related to your blog post, you can use that, or you can just record a new audio clip. There’s no one right way to use audio, so start experimenting with it and find out what gets the best response. The easiest way to get targeted traffic is through the search engines and all blogs have a right to enjoy the benefits. Search engines are always looking for top notch content that is fresh, no matter how long or short the posts you create for your blog are. You will receive quality, targeted traffic on a regular basis as long as you provide them what they want. Raleigh Local SEO is a great destination for all of your SEO, blogging ,or digital marketing needs.